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2011-06-02 20:11:07 by zerek44

well i upload a new flash recently and it went well, i made it in about a day and it was easier then i thought it would be to make. All it takes is a little time and effort. It's short, and that's the way these are gonna be for a while, if i wanna make a flash ill make sure its funny, inappropriate (to and extent), and to the point.

Also my voice acting reel went up and it sucks total ass, so don't listen to it. Im going to make a new one soon.



2010-07-18 09:20:59 by zerek44

im really sick, but that wont stop me from making happy birthday lulu #2 yes its already been a year since that animation was brought to newgrounds attention. and its getting a sequel with a story.



2010-04-18 00:55:13 by zerek44

i found out that im not awful at flash after all :)


new movie

2010-03-22 16:20:38 by zerek44

just uploaded a new movie and its funny as hell, hope it gets accepted

also i made it in one day lol

new movie


2010-01-26 23:37:02 by zerek44

i need to get back on the project that i have been delaying for a long time, i don't care how i do it it just needs to be done and off my conscience.

in other news i released a new video here


its called the robbery its preety funny

i just saw cloverfield online and it was preety good

thats all bye.


2009-10-29 13:38:46 by zerek44

anyway right now im in digital art class and i wanted to give u guys an update

IM REALLY IMPOVING ON FLASH i found my wacom tablet pen and have been practicing almost evey day, at lip syncing and overall animation. so look out for some new stuff in the future

even though i hav mor to tell u guys i have to go class is out in like 2 min bye

hey HEY YOU!!!

2009-09-01 21:07:25 by zerek44

yeah i just showed my friend how to edit the NG preloader. cant wait to see his next flashes.

im also working on stuff but it will probably get blammed cause i put no effort into anything