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Entry #1

hey HEY YOU!!!

2009-09-01 21:07:25 by zerek44

yeah i just showed my friend how to edit the NG preloader. cant wait to see his next flashes.

im also working on stuff but it will probably get blammed cause i put no effort into anything


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2009-09-02 21:24:54

You just Gotta Keep Trying Homie Try Using This
Macro Media Flash 8 pro


2009-09-03 03:11:16 /509765 A flash dedicated to your genius, zerek ol' buddy


2009-09-10 01:39:14

Hey Dawg Here My New Stuff /511095


2009-09-12 03:40:53

I think you should put some effort into your stuff, because you could do alright. You get what you give, as it was. You may want to use a pop guard for your microphone though, and some audio cleaning.

Haha, hell, if you want maybe I'll lend you a big crazy booming voice to one of your flashes.

Keep working on improving!


2009-09-12 05:30:12

Well maybe put some effort into what you do and quit bitching. Duh-hurr.

My god, it's people like you.

You're not even BAD at animating and shit from what I've seen. But don't start complaining until you start trying you ass.